Cleaning Audit Assessment

Cleaning –Auditing and Assessment Services

As a Facility or property manager, it’s in your best interest to perform cleaning audits within your facility. But it can be challenging to be objective about the process because most cleaning audits are subjective. This means that one person may find the floor cleaning satisfactory while another may not. But it is in your best interest to assess whether your Housekeeping service provider is meeting or exceeding the basic Cleaning Standard and to make sure you and the services provider are on the same page with the expected results. At GAIAT we have establish Facility Auditing and Assessment Department leaded by Accredited Cleaning Auditing professionals to help you to identifies existing Housekeeping deficiencies and areas of improvement and support you with the required training and improvement plan based on best international cleaning practices, standards, and procedures.

On our Housekeeping Auditing Services, we depend on reliable testing techniques with scalable methodologies to assure accurate and consistent data to assure safe and excellent cleaning practices are implemented

The Benefit of Cleaning Auditing Services: